New Year, Same Me….. Kinda

So, it’s the start of a New Year, and everywhere you look people are talking about their New Years Resolutions. Big plans, Big changes, Big…. deal?! Now don’t get me wrong, it is capital G Great for the people who have them. They have a dream to make a resolution and stick to it (hopefully). I am just far to self aware to do that. The most successful resolution I ever made was 8 years ago when I said I was going to floss everyday. And I still do it! So yeah, I call that a success. But since then, every resolution I set has been unresolved by April (if I’m lucky).

Now I don’t do a resolution, now I do goals. Goals are something you achieve. They are an actionable thing. Something you can build a plan around with steps on how you are going to achieve this goal. Goals are malleable, you can mold them and change them as needed. Because until you reach the goal you don’t always know that the plan you have to achieve said goal will work. And Maybe as you are working toward the goal you realize that that particular goal is just a step towards a bigger goal. For instance, one of my goals this year is to go to bed by 10pm and be asleep, or have lights out, by 1030. (I’m about 60/40 on how this is working right now). But I have a plan on how I am going to reach this goal. The plan changes depending on what’s going on in my life, but the goal is still there, and I know what I need to do each night to be in bed by 10 (10:05 is okay to). But something I figured out while I was making my steps/plan for this goal is that it is actually just another step towards the bigger goal. A goal of creating a healthier life, that I can actually sustain. But again, I know myself, and I know that if I just say “I’m resolving to have a healthier life this year” it will fall flat.  It’s not an actionable thing, it’s a giant big statement with no steps or plans attached.

So, I make goals, with steps, that can change, and pivot as needed. And I do the same for all my goals be it personal or in my business. If it’s not an actional goal with steps, then I stop and think about why it’s a goal. If I can go back to my note pad and break it down in to smaller goals with steps to help me achieve it then great and I will focus on the first goal. And if it’s not, no big deal. I keep it tucked away in my note pad because that usually means, I just have thought of the path I need to make it there yet. Which is also fine. Goals, be it big or small, take time. And that’s okay too!

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