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Giving Back

Community is a huge part of Clever Girl Apparel, and to us that means giving back. Each month in 2023 we will be giving back to a charity or organization that we feel is in line with our brand. As well we will contiune to give back through the True Crime Creatives community! Follow us on Instagram @clevergirlapparel to find out more

  • Nice Things People Are Saying

    Absolutely lovely shirt; exactly as pictured. Subtle reference to Doctor Who; only true fans of the show would know the meaning, but still an inspiring statement to those who don't "get it". :)


  • The tshirt is great - I love it. And it was mailed in a compostable mailer - huge bonus!!


  • I genuinely love these shirts! The fit is exactly what you want it to be, even after a few washes, and they are soooooo soft! They ship out nice and fast so you get to enjoy them all the sooner! I love that they are created to be a sneaky nerdy and absolutely lovely! Even my husband love them!